Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing ...: About that Thing Called Perfectionism.....

Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing ...: About that Thing Called Perfectionism.....: I had a MAJOR epiphany recently! A MAJOR ONE!!!  One of my wonderful FB friends Barbara W. (you know who you are. I always enjoy your insigh...

This post was like soup to my soul.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why I Sew

I have been sewing for several years now and I spend a bit of money in doing this.  So there is definitely a reason why I sew:

  1. Sewing is my way of expressing my individuality.
  2. Sewing is a way for me to escape stress.
  3. I feel that the garments I make are better made quality wise for me than the ones I buy.
  4. The garments I sew last longer than my store bought ones.
  5. It makes me feel good when I make something and no one can tell that it is home sewn.

For me this is the best investment that i have made. It is also the best give that God has given me.

Coming Back

I have been away a long time. Unfortunately I have been dealing with some personal and professional issues. As God is moving me to a new plain I am trying to take things at my own pace. I see that He has so much in store for me.  I am hoping to be back soon!!


Although the problem may be rooted in the past, the prescription is a present word from God!